Soul laid dormant for so long,
Dreams spilled and strewn on the floor.
Hopes all crushed, Never to be thought of again,
Ideas all rejected, pressure enclosing on existence.

Pain brings tears, though it is merely unneeded weakness.
Joy brings laughter, the best medicine of all.
Cuts, scrapes, injuries....They bring blood.
Tears can also heal wounds.

Mockery is torture, ignorance is bliss.
One more game, until the end.
Life is more than being, it is a treasure.
Don't forget to remember that.

Values torn, beliefs shredded.
Follow this one, discourage that.
Drain all you knew from your mind.
It is wrong according to them.

Pain, blood, torture, tears, fears, joy, laughter, heartache, difference...SHOW THEM!

You are Alive.

by heather poynter

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