Alive Again..

Poem By Aaron Richard

I Knew I Couldn't Live To See Tomorrow,
I was Guilty, I was lost In My Sorrow.
I Wanted To Sleep To Forget,
But The Demons Of The Night Have Made Their Home In My Head.

There Was Only One Person Who Could Save me,
And She Was Mine Eternally.
Holding On To The Wings Of The Eagles,
We Were Flying Away From The World's Evils.

I Was Lost In Her Words,
Her Voice, Like That Of Songbirds.
I Could Feel Her Voice As Beautiful As A Musical Note,
Clearing My Soul, As Dark As A Moat.

Now Its My Turn To Save Her,
She Was Slipping Away With A Faker.
No Matter What Happened I Would Never Let Go,
I Would Get Her Back From My Foe................

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