Alive And Killing

I once knew this boy
Who was in his teens,
A dog tag around his neck
A pair of low waist jeans

A ragged shirt, streaked hair
Branded shoes, the thuggish stare
It all fitted him very well
Yet his darkest secret he would never tell.

There was one little piece
The jigsaw was missing
That one thing that seemed out of place
That one thing that didn't fit in.

He had everything,
Yet he seemed depressed
'Is it your marks? Your studies? '
'Why are you looking so stressed? '

His parents would give him
Everything he needed and more
Yet his wasn’t as bright
As the clothes he wore

He was always missing from class and home alike
No one knew where he went
Except his little brother

He had followed him that day
To see where he went alone
He followed him to a house
He followed him back home

He saw what his brother did
He saw his brothers near death
He knew he had to stop him
He would fight till his final breath

Seven years of mystery
Was uncovered that day
But only his brother knew
When his motionless brother lay

His brother was dead
Dead of drugs
That seventeen year old
Had been dealing with thugs

The brother didn’t reveal
The information he had
He knew his brother wasn’t the only one
What he knew was driving him mad

He was going to do something
About these killing things
Going to take action
Going to spread out his wings

He was only thirteen
What could he do?
Nothing was in his hands
That he knew

Then he decided to take his stand
For his brothers sake and all like him
He knew what power lay in his hands
He knew how he could inspire a change
He knew precisely what he had to do

He walked to his brother’s room
And picked up his pen
And with a firm mind
And an urge to make a difference
He began to write....
Alive and killing.

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