(June 16th,1971 / Hull, Quebec, Canada)

Tales Of The Old Town (Part 01) ... [original Version]

Now listen, friends, and I will tell
Of things you may have never heard.
But very soon you'll know them well.
Oh, please don't think they're all absurd.

Do mark my words; these things are true.
Yea, verily, they came to pass.
No, I would never hoodwink you,
Or try to trade your gold for brass.

There were some gossips in our town,
Inclined to think they knew it all.
Can't think of them without a frown;
Even at times I want to bawl.

Daniel and Ronald stole our shack,
The one that Slim and I had built.
However, we just stole it back
And never felt a twinge of guilt.

They stole it from us one more time;
Insisted it belonged to them.
That's when we figured they were slime;
We smashed it; do you now condemn?

And Slim left them a little gift
Something quite smelly in the dirt.
And his revenge was sweet and swift,
Not caring if his deed should hurt.

And Lester was a Peeping Tom;
Crawled all around the neighborhood.
Ray planned to stop him with a bomb
Or something equally as good.

Stefano left us in the lurch
That night when we were little Scouts,
Insecure there at the church,
Consumed with worry, having doubts.

by Kim Barney

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Wow man, this was spectacular. I dont know what compeled me to randomly type in Monkey King under search, but damn... glad i did. Great job!
Derek, I won't comment on all your poems but all are strong. I run a readinmg in S.D. If you ever get down this way let me know, I'd love to give you a featured spot Anyway Tom