Alive In The House Of The Monkey King

Alive in the house of the monkey king,
whilst the trumpets moan
and a buffet is set before me,
whilst virgins tend to my needs
and menservants satisfy my whims.
I can no longer exist in the real world,
the world of the mundane,
the world of man,
of lies,
of arrogance,
the world of torture
and deceit.
In that world
I am death,
I am sorrow
with a deafened ear
and blunted brow,
with a blinded eye
and blighted mind,
with a callous spirit
infected with compliance,
diseased with complacency.
In that world I am death,
a douser of flame,
a destroyer of light.
In that world I am
But I shall always remain
in the house of the monkey king.

Copyright (C) MMIV (2004)

by Derek R. Audette

Comments (2)

Wow man, this was spectacular. I dont know what compeled me to randomly type in Monkey King under search, but damn... glad i did. Great job!
Derek, I won't comment on all your poems but all are strong. I run a readinmg in S.D. If you ever get down this way let me know, I'd love to give you a featured spot Anyway Tom