! Alive In Wonderland (Social Commentary)

Going down the rabbit hole
Ravages one's eternal soul
Shrinking it down very small
Blowing it up nine feet tall

Living in Wonderland
Not having the upper hand
A life with integrity
It's not so easy

Listening to the queen of hearts
Scream about some stolen tarts
More tea parties to be had
Thinking that you're going mad

Being the underdog
Listening to a pedagogue
Say: 'Live with integrity'
It's not so easy

Floating through the looking glass
See distortion as you pass
A pathetic figurine
Wants to be a real queen

Alive in Wonderland
Where life is never bland
Living with integrity
Is not so easy

by Alice Vedral Rivera

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Living in wonderland and alive in wonder land with integrity, really a beautiful poem and nice on sharing.