SAS (June 9,1983 / Jersey City, NJ)

All About Me

There are two sides to this beautiful face
One I keep hidden, one I must chase
Not knowing where to turn or be
I keep myself satisfied by just being me
Wanting so much to make everyone happy
Forgetting what it led to, me feeling crappy
I stand all alone on a dark gloomy night,
Determined to find myself; determined to fight.
Triumph must come from deep within
Feelings of accomplishment must soon begin
Look back at my reflection and no longer cry
Proud of whom I am, proud that now I try
It’s safe to say I still love your embrace
But my love is getting smaller and will begin to erase

No I don’t hate you nor do I hold a grudge
But I fear I am certain in giving you up
So afraid to be alone how will it be
Will I ever really find someone to truly love me?
I kick back relax and enjoy the ride
This journey may be bumpy but it won’t be denied
I face it head on and worry only for today
For tomorrow is just a sleep away
I will now live for just me and my daughter
Cleansing my soul like we wash our bodies in water
I embrace our Lord, Jesus Christ and his love
No one is greater than the Man above

My life has changed dramatically since I let Jesus live through me
All my worries became petty as I thought they would be
Here in the end, God’s love for me is strong
For he took me out of a situation I just didn’t belong
I thank God for the courage and strength to leave
For the shelter he gave me for all this relief
When life gets you down remember He’s by your side
Don’t deny His love or existence, embrace it with pride!

September 20,2008

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