All About You

Poem By alex manson

I have a guitar but it's out of tune?
I have thoughts but they're all about you
I have a heart but it's dead
You're the only thought in my head
I have a bed but I don't want to sleep
I have a mind that runs deep
You have a heart but you don't want to feel
I want to love you but it'll never be real
You have a voice but you won't talk
I have legs but right now I'm too lazy to walk
Where am I going with this
We have lips but we no longer kiss
Kill the hurt is all I want to do
How about you?
I have courage but with you it dies
You have my heart when you look in my eyes
I have a pen but I just write about you
I have eyes but I don't want to look at you
You have arms but you no longer hold me
No shackles around my wrists but I'm not free
You have ears but you won't hear
I want to be near you but I'm still here
I have a soul but like my heart it's split in two
And all I can seem to do is love you.

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