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All Accounts Of Feelings
LF (12/30/88 / tulare, ca)

All Accounts Of Feelings

there are things to be said about how one feels, each feeling has a name, each one has a different sort of meaning. so how can one be certain what shes feeling if these feelings change so often that its harder and harder to sort them out.

lifes good yet again not so good where she hides behind opened eyes, eyes that see much but puts it down to the not important part of her life. feelings get her more confused cause shes had to deal with even more feelings than usual with others.

innocent in alot of ways yet not so innocent where she might become naive. innocent in feelings? yes. naive about them? no.
then again, it all comes down to feelings, don't it?

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Comments (2)

yep. almost everything we do is because of our feelings. i liked how u said everything in a good way.
A perfect 10 from me. I liked the way you have described Feelings.