All Alone

Alone sits a four year old girl
Along with her baby brother, who to her, means the world
Parents locked upstairs, cooking drugs in their room
As the little girl turns on her favorite cartoons
She makes his bottles and gives him his bathes
She's scared to pick him up, so she just cleans him with rags
She climbs the cabinets to make her some food
She finds a box of cereal 'cause that's all she can do
She wishes they would come down, then mommy could sing her to sleep
Maybe daddy could lay beside her, and help her count sheep
She misses them everyday and wants them to come down
It's hard with a baby brother and no one else around
Sometimes she just wishes he could talk
She looks forward to the day when he learns to walk
Would she have to teach him how to do that too?
Or would he just know, shoe in front of shoe?
Maybe then her parents would take them to the park
She lies there and thinks, alone in the dark
The next morning she awakes to the screaming of swears
It seems her parents had finally came down the stairs
The girl runs to them, because of course she's excited
Til dad knocks mom to the ground and things get quited
The little girl is scared, she runs to grab her brother
They hide in a closet and she calls her grandmother
Grandma hurries over like she always has
The little girl is thankful, as several days pass
Her parents never realize til at least a week after
Sometimes the little girl wonders if she even matters
A couple of years go by, growing up in Denison
Dad promises to teach the girl how to ride a bike, but first he's sent to prison
Fast forward, fast forward
Now the girl is thirteen
Her dad gets out, her mom is now clean
Dad says he wants his family back, but mom knows better
He starts doing drugs again a few weeks later
The brother is the girls only best friend
But then he gets older and she is forgotten again
The mother works and is never home
So the girl still sits all alone

by courtney metcalf

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So the girl still sits all alone...problems of life and marriage and relationships .. very well. this is real life. thank u dear poetess. tony