(still working on it! / Chicago Illinois)

'All Alone'

Feelin kinda lonely,
On this island I call home.
Never seem to hear from folks,
As I sit here by the phone.

What is it that I'm doing wrong?
Did I scare them all away?
Or is it that their not into me?
Oh how I hate to feel this way!

I think I'm kinda nice?
Maybe talk a bit too much?
Always here if you need a friend,
Or a hug or hands gentle touch.

So why is this feeling?
Engulfing my every thought?
Could it be I need to soak in the tub?
Say some prayers?
Now would that be enough?

How about you?
Have you ever gone, of where it is I am?
Then tell me how does one get out of here?
When your in the fire and frying pan?

Well, keep me in your thoughts, ok?
And maybe call me if you've time?
Or just email me a BIG, 'HELLO! '
Or maybe just one line?

by Linda Winchell

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wow i thought that was really good. u can always email me! lolz see u l8r