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All Alone With Out Hope) 0
DG (9/19/1963 / )

All Alone With Out Hope) 0

SO many crosses,
so little hope, so many
puppets, praying for
some thing they dont
even believe in.where
is your devels, where are
your saints, where is your
GOD, when you fill your
body with drink, so many
crosses, so little faith,
so many puppets, waiting

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Hi David, I think believing in God is an individual feeling and it's hard to judge what is right or wrong here. My mother religion is different then mine, and my sister has faith but not as strong as myself. But the 3 of us are good people regardless. I was teased a lot as a child because I believed in God so much yet my friends would never think of hurting anyone. So I try not to judge people for who they are or how they believe. Unless they are killing someone. Excellent poem David. Take great care.
real. give me an idea to write something in that vein too. thanks for inspiration gerardino.
I think we have to have hope and faith...........otherwise there is no point in any of this. Nice poem David. Sincerely, Mary
I like this one alot.