LM (02/09/81 / Australia)

All Anyone Can Ask You To Give (Only Giving Your Best Is)

The sun is shinning so bright and hot
The breeze talking in whisper,
heart-shaped clouds move slow in the sky
where's all my troubles?
Why the breeze whispered them goodbye.

My heart feels as light as the eagle's feather
Wings untied and free,
I'm rolling with the flow - in and out like the tide
Behind a facade - i don't need to hide.

Finally i am happy to be me,
Spots, warts and all -
for everyone to see-

Trying to please everyone
was not the way to live.
Only pleasing yourself,
by doing your best that you can,
is all anyone can ask you to give.


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Comments (2)

An excellent moral here and one that a lot of people would be wise to heed. A nice poem and one that I could read every morning to pick me up for the day.
Good philosophy to live by