SE (5-18-78 / Boise, ID)

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By writing you today
I have found a way
To express something I need
To share with you indeed
Sometimes my mouth is opened to wide
Insecurities I feel and try hard to hide
They sneak our and roar like a lion
Leaving me feeling sorry for myself and really crying
Growing, changing, and trusting is what I am learning to do
I am so sorry for what you had to listen to
You are someone I truly love
You give me everything I need, over and above.

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Say it as you feel it. Another great job.Love Duncan
Right now, you are one of the people I love! I've been having this ongoing fight with the most important person in my life and you just took the words from my mouth - Thank you so much. I try to apologize, but sometimes it's just impossible. Your poem reminded me that no matter the trouble, they're worth it. I think the words could be expressed a little better, they sometimes seem as if they were just chosen becuase they rhyme? that could be just me. But still a great poem. ~CM