MMB (08/02/1997 / Nyiräny, Rumbek)

All Are Fair When There Is Peace

Moon is ever shining throughout but i realized afterward that it is only last for fifteen days; If you are not serious, your life will be like a light of the moon.

When i saw that the road is always straight but i did not realize that it has so many branches from east to west

i was meaning everyday should be light but i did not know whether there is darkness behind the light
a simple meal with love is better than a feast where there is a hatred
They had turned to their riches to be the most powerful than peace

shouting, biting, quarrelling and insulting is not a solution to bring peace, ye have worsen the situation

I was meaning life was understanding between the people but i did not know whether more were coming for destruction
being greedy cause's trouble for your families because you have made yourself to be bribes
I was meaning large families all do the best but i did not know whether most of them failed
It's wrong to favour the guilty and keep the innocent from getting justices
students are not your enemies to hate, leading you to a right path is not a war but they want your future to be bright
Those whom you think that are good to you are leading you to road of death, go with them but you will come back after danger.
Drinking makes you to forget your responsibilities and you will mistreat the poor.
Bear and wine are only for dying or those who have lost all hope to drink and forget but still not a solution for miserable or poorest, you are increasing to be more miserable and poorest until you die
only solution is to cook your mind but don't eat it, because God has givenyou everything's eye to see, hand to do something and leg to transport you, with all this created by GOD to do what you can

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Greedy cause's trouble! Nice work.