All Around

Poem By Lynda Remus

A friend asked me once,
How do you know that God is real?
And I told her I could only
Testify to the way I feel.
I hear a child laughing
Feel a cool breeze on my face
I see a flower growing
And I know God has touched this place.
I see the moon and all the stars
Far too many to keep count
I hear the waves against the shore
And I know He is about.
God smiles at me in the autumn leaves
And again in the setting sun
He waves hello with a gentle breeze
Yes I see God in all the things he’s done.
He is with me everywhere
I need not look too far
I hear a bird singing,
And my heart says “God there you are.”
He is in me, in you
God is all around
He brought you to me
And I will not let him down
God is here, beside you
Can you see him now?
His love echos in all creation
Can you hear the sound?
People talking, music in the air
You ask me where God is, and I say
God is everywhere.

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