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All Because Of You
WM (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

All Because Of You

All Because Of You
Written by: Wilfred Mellers,1 September 2015

There's a fever brewing deep in my soul
A roaring fire burning out of control
My desire sets the night on fire
Tasted the wine of my Valentine
Memories haunting when we've kissed
Your tender lips I couldn't resist
Those hips, those thighs, and those piercing eyes
Would make the most vitreous compromise

Empress divine that I've been dreaming of
My royal queen, I'd set no one above
In lonely days and my darkest night
Shadows vanish and you bring forth the light
I can see so clear whenever I hold you near
Calming all fears and the blues disappears
Chilling sensations while having relations
Words can't articulate how me you elevate

This roaring passion burns deep in my soul
A scorching fire raging out of control
My desire caught the world on fire
Evermore you alone I adore
I overload and I'm about to explode
My heart beats swiftly and cannot be slowed
Flames ignited for I'm so excited
To this party, no one else is invited

Movements of your physique are truly amazing
You stroked the fire until it was blazing
Into you, eyes mesmerized I'm gazing
The cake is baked so it's time for glazing
Shallow fields navigated for grazing
Back and forth conscientiousness is phasing
For tonight hell we are raising
No other like you I'm praising

There's something to you that I must confess
Nothing means more to me than your happiness
My heart and mind you've stimulated
My body and soul feel so elated
The passion inside you has activated
For eternity for someone like you I've waited
I've seen the majestic goddess that's you
Empress divine bells chime for you are sublime

For you the universe I'd give it all
For you make me feel a thousand feet tall
For you, in a barrel, I'd go over Niagara Falls
In this endeavor, I'd break all protocols
You've gotten deeply under my skin
You've given me something to believe in
And if by chance you should be taken away
Without you, I couldn't face another day

You've got me burning totally out of control
Your loving kindness has made me whole
Your desire is all that I require
A roaring flame that sets the skies on fire
No assuming my world you're consuming
My soul's resurrection given purpose and direction
If there's any doubt let them all come out
For my life is anew and it's all because of you

Nothing I wouldn't do for the deity that is you
You're every man's greatest wish come true
Doting sober over my four-leafed clover
Every second with you I'd spend over and over
As the eventide away starts to fade
The sweetest melodic ballads are played
In hand strolling down the promenade
My betrothed my life you upgrade

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