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All Bottled Up

I don't want
To let it out
don’t want
for it to show

but I want
to let you know
I like you a lot
before you go

I don't know
how long i can last
without telling you
all my truth

But I'll stay here
all bottled up
until you have
to move
-becca hansen (12 22 05)


I really wish
I could tell you
How i really feel

But in the past
My hearts been broken
And it’s hard to heal

I don't want
You to feel different
Instead of liking me too

Don't want another
Broken heart
but i really do want you
-becca hansen (12 27 05)

Make a Choice

If you saw
A broken girl
standing by your side

would you just let her go
let her run
and hide? ?

or would you look
into her eyes
and see the way SHE lives...

see how much was taken from her
but yet
how much she gives..

you don
have forever to make
this one decision

But my advise to
you just is

Put yourself in their position

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wow good writes