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JK Joanna Kantharia (8th December / Ahmedabad, India)


Nicholas, Saint of Children,
Loves to spend his wealth
On pretty toys for girls and boys,
Leaving them by stealth.
The wind in the chimney
Hears children call:
'Bring me this, Saint Nicholas!
Bring me that, Saint Nicholas!
A silky scarf,
A bag of sweets,
A big gold ball!'

Nicholas, Saint of Sailors,
Children of the sea,
When their sails are torn by gales
Close at hand is he.
The wind in the rigging
Hears the sailors cry:
'Save us here, old Nicholas!
Save us there, good Nicholas!
Saint of Sailors,
Bring us safe
Home, high and dry!'

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'Friend he called me, called me many names But he never heard, heard my cry of pain Words he gave and words had no meaning Will he acknowledge my being, was a distant dream Shattered I lie and lie with my shattered heart Nostalgia of days, the days those are gone past' especially loved these lines leading to the inevitable 'he did not give LOVE! ! ! '
Love, the only thing missing and the most important thing of all. Well written and congrats on poem of the day!
Sorry love story nicely told, Among the things he gave, gave passions of desires The only thing he did not give, he did not give LOVE! ! !
Left he scars, many scars of emotional turmoil Took away my peace, the peace for a lifetime A fine portrayal of emotions arising out of a consequence of a love betrayed. Thanks.
Stone heart can have only love of stone but not vibrant heart of love ever sure!
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