~all By Myself~

I am all alone without you here to hold me. I am not the same anymore can't you see. I try and try, but without you it's no fun being me. I had a dream last night and you were there. The more I looked in the darkness you disappeared. I try to hold back my tears because I was all by myself and that was my number one fear. It hurts me to know that some day you will find somebody, but right as of now I have to let you go! The reason why? Well, you and I both know. No need to contact me because it's hard right now for me to move on, but the safety that i felt with you is now gone. I trused that you will protect me from harm, but what you did to me set off an alarm. I thought if it got down to that point I could call on you for your help. Now I realize at that very momment I felt like I was all by myself. I love you, I'm not even going to lie! That's why it's so hard for me to say good-bye! Just hear me out when I say that you will find love some day. Right now just not with me

by Hello World

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i like your poem i felt like that once and i know how it feels. it would be great if you checked my poems out and told me what you think.