All Day Long

Yes it’s hard
To be strong,
All day long.

So give me a minute,
Or an hour to cry
Just one small time
I don’t have to survive.

Yes, give me a year
Of a laid back life.
No “she’s so strong”
No pain and no strife.

But no, I’m too tough,
So I’ll live it straight through.
Don’t know nothing else,
It’s all I can do.

Just living my life,
And living it strong,
Every damn day,
All day long.

by Sandra Osborne

Comments (3)

Oh how I feel this poem. Just for a moment I'd love to chill out. Well done girlfriend!
way to go sandra! ! ! ! ! cheers! ! ! !
Sandra, Felt that way all day, today.... I love it. Warmly, Your Friend, Theodora