All Diseases By Pollution!

Pollution is creating perplexing problems to all world people;
People are often affected by cold, cough and dry throat due to
Allergy caused by air, water and environmental pollution ever!

Pollution caused by smoke from vehicles, industries and green
House gases such as Chlorofluorocarbon, carbon-dioxide, carbon
Monoxide and other poisons gases create health problems to all!

Not only that but also industrial effluents mixing with rivers,
Dams and seas cause extinction of marine life due to contamination
And also make them unsuitable for drinking or for any other uses!

Due to polluting gases produced everywhere, greenhouse effect is
Ever bringing in clouds trapping Sun's heat inside so much that
Heat becomes hotter and hottest changing the climates to havoc!

Also, pollution by poisonous gases creates holes in atmosphere
Making Sun's ultraviolet rays strike earth to create all diseases!

by Ramesh T A

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