All Dogs Go To Heaven

Poem By Randy McClave

All dogs will go to heaven
At least that is what they all say,
Even if though they don't go to church
Or know the words to pray.

They are our protector and defender
They are truly man's best friend,
And all that they ask for in return is companionship;
Until their life's end.

They will stand beside their master
Whether it is be a man, woman or child,
And they will never runaway, but will run with them
Knowing them, we all have smiled.

They don't care about our money
They will always be our guide,
And in our times of our sadness and worry
They will not ever leave our side.

When it's my time to go to heaven
I hope that in my pocket they will place a leash,
So, again I can take my dog for a walk
Then again I can find my happiness, and peace.

Randy L. McClave

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