All Due To A Dog

Poem By Alexandra Lee

The dunes travel far
There are miles to go
Yet men fight, and destruction occurs,
All due to a line of land.

A Dog sits nearby, watching
Curious to know why they fight
And why destruction occurs,
Still they proceed to progress forward.

Their amour shields them from reality.
The two sides, each an enemy,
Each a freedom fighter,
Both gain respect from their fellow men
Though, many are lost during the battle.

An example of “an innocent victim”…
A group of young, teenage boys
One being only fourteen,
All throwing stones, provoking the others,
And open fire, one down.
The table is prepared, the operation performed and
“He will survive! ”

Six hours later the boy is dead.

He is paraded as if he had won the World Cup,
Eyes open, still and admired
His sister is disregarded for whimpering
His cousin shakes her head in disbelief
Yet more die and They believe it is right.

A solitary nine year boy watches the burial.
The eyes are said to be the windows of the soul -
And his eyes show fear and confusion,
He can see what is expected of him,
His future,
Of Martydom, death and duty.

He is only nine, however presents more sense than the other 500 who are celebrating an accidental loss, and still,
They proceed forward?

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