All Fears Replaced By Broad Smiles

After many a discussion, talking and explaining,
clearing up misunderstandings, sorting things out,
briefly won the feeling that life is fun and all will
be fine if we keep on working at our relationships

Came to the conclusion we all love each other –
we can forgive our shortcomings, Nici still loves
her recalcitrant mom; hubby realized he over-
reacted when his colleagues asked him

Whether Madeliefie would have to write a report
about this incident – in a meeting the speaker told
them to compile reports just like Madeliefie has to
motivate when she wants gadgets for the house

Now the match-box of the soul is flushed, last night
I still had nightmares about moving walls and sighing
monks; hubby was plagued by trains and people lost;
tonight the sun came out and all fears and suspicion

Left our minds, to be replaced by broad smiles!

by Margaret Alice

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