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All Fingers Aren't Equal

All fingers aren't equal
On length and girth
All men aren't equal
In tallness and fatness
Or in knowledge and wealth.

All people aren't equal
Some are poor, some are rich
Some people are on middle class
But one thing is same for all.

And what is that?
That is importance,
Each finger is important
Each person is important.

One is dependant to other
Other is dependant to another
It forms a chain or a sequence
All are dependant each other
All are important.

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As all fingers are not equal so all creations / creatures are not so, excellent write, thanks for sharing
Everyone is unique, but no one is perfect. We all depend on each other! Though we differ from each other, when all of us are put together, we make a neat composite whole like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle! So we shouldn't look with slight on anybody but all have to be seen as important! Great thoughts!
Each hand can teach a lesson about humanity! A terrific, insightful poem, Kumarmani.
This is an excellent poem carrying a brilliant message! I vote it with a 10
This poem reminds me of R. W. Emerson’s poem, ‘The Mountain and the Squirrel’…..Talents differ! Each individual has his/her own talents gifted by God and everyone/everything has its purpose in this beautiful world, no one is either greater or lesser than its counterpart! ......(cont..) .
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