All For Good

It all happened one fine morning,
While Sidharth, the fiery king,
Was sharpening an arrow butt,
But got his right thumb cut.

'All for good, ' said his minister,
Which raised the king's anger,
And he ordered his soldier,
'At once imprison the minister.'

Once more the minister said,
The same words, 'All for good, '
To the vexation of the king,
Who was distressed on hearing.

One day, the king started for a hunt,
Into a deep, dense forest, he went,
But couldn't find any target to hit,
And it was getting dark and late.

Fretting and fuming, on his way back,
He was retracing the lost track,
But was caught by forest gangsters,
To sacrifice before their Deities.

His body, they started checking,
But found the right thumb missing.
For a sacrifice, he became unfit,
And was let off in the forest.

From the prison, the minister was released,
'All for good, ' the king now understood,
But how it was again, 'All for good, '
When the minister was imprisoned?

'I would have been in the hit list,
As from my body, nothing was lost.
Well, you saved me in the prison.'
'All for good, ' said the minister again.

by Rajaram Ramachandran

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this one i think is one of your best! nice write!
hello well i read ur poem it good.......