Such A Feeling!

Poem By Sandra Feldman

This is my worst nightmare,
I can see your face
I can see what you’re feeling,
It’s awful.

This lines run through my head
The ones I wished I hadn’t said,
But I can't take them back now
Oh how I wish I could

You look down upon me,
With those eyes I love so much.
I know that it was wrong of me
But it made me feel so free,

I’m sorry if I hurt you
It’s not what I meant to do,
It wasn’t at all your fault
So please don’t think it was.

I know I need help
And that’s what I’m asking,
This has been the worst I’ve felt
So please save me.

You have always been there for me
Please don’t walk away now,
I need you more than ever
You are my saviour

I love you, you know this
I always have and always will,
I know you’ll try to understand
And that’s all I ask.

I want to be yours forever
I’m sorry I did it, I regret it all
All I want to do is get better,
And that I’ll do all for you.

27th August 2007

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