All Fraud

Parted off the umbilical cord
All that followed are fraud
They came up with warm wishes
as the troop of cannibals
assembled at corpses.

Rather good in utter darkness
of the womb
than a world around
so deaf and dumb.

The soul is stunted
since it is born
the breathe choked
since life's morn
with the world giving him a name
the world wanted he earns spotless fame.

Like the tender shoulder
of little funny calf
to plough the barren land
on the world behalf
tied the fate with bulky yolk
with values old
his dreams reap pure gold.

With chisel of falsehood
he was savagely castrated
for he had to work so hard
to leave no stone unearthed
dreams his own shattered.

To defend the teritory
of a world so fake
As a fencible
like a swift race horse
he had to pounce invincible.

With the world serving with
so delicacy
the toys and balloons
colorful with fantacy
aptly made the kid smile
but lasted only for a while.

Nothing left
for his being whole lost
as if buried in the permafrost
all he belonged he forgot.

Of intense pain within
he cries aloud
the world's deaf ear never heed
the world so brighter
though he feels is a fraud
than a truer darkness
is no good.

by Binaya Kumar Mohanty

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Nice poem shared.Enjoyed reading.