All From A Snap Shot

Poem By Debbie Casey

She sits there quietly; trying to focus, through her tear filled eyes.
Memories through photography;
Looking at dreams that came true;
All from a snap shot, of her and you.

She sits there confused; trapped in the past; but reaching for the future.
Your eyes pierce her heart, she can’t breathe;
She is drowning in her own grief;
All from a snap shot, of painful memories.

She sits there sadly; knowing she must let you go, her heart’s broken.
Looking at the picture, filled with love;
A love so pure, a gift from above;
All from a snap shot, she feels your love.

She sits there hoping; yet knowing, true love can never come twice.
The picture she holds, against her heart;
That life is gone, a new life to start;
All from a snap shot, it is time to part.

Debbie Ward Casey
Submitted: Saturday, May 26,2007

Comments about All From A Snap Shot

I kinda miss the old ways of capturing Kodak moments...anticipating the film to develop, those images to be held in your hands, frozen forever in time...Now photos are shared through social media...I like mine framed as they were prior to snap chat, Facebook, Twitter, and I phones. Your poem was a beautiful reminder of a picture being worth a thousand words. PEACE
Hello poet Debbie. A very wonderful, yet sad romantic poem. Well done, I enjoyed, Loyd

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