~all Good Comes To An End..

stake, through the one thing that was beatin for you..
hands, covered my eyes so i was blind when you flew.
ropes, tied me down so i couldnt go.
You, made everything beautiful..

But there is no fairytale,
no love is like that.
Always bumps in the road,
drama every turn you go.

But i can say,
for a belief moment,
i was happy.

All good comes to an end dont they?
thats what i learned..

by Dislocated Heart

Comments (4)

Good does come to an end, but only for more good, even better good to take it's place, lovely poem
very sad poem. but you should never stop hoping for something better. stay strong and im here for you. itll be ok. you'll see.
not all good things have to caome to an end as long as your willing to work on everything that comes along with the good...
yea I agree with u all good things come to a end nothing last forever... job well done