NRT (9/4/94 / Somewhere)

By Loe Pool

The pool glitters, the fishes leap in the sun
With joyous fins, and dive in the pool again;
I see the corn in sheaves, and the harvestmen,
And the cows coming down to the water one by one.
Dragon-flies mailed in lapis and malachite
Flash through the bending reeds and blaze on the pool;
Sea-ward, where trees cluster, the shadow is cool;
I hear a singing, where the sea is, out of sight;
It is noontide, and the fishes leap in the pool.

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whatever! ! ! your gross
I can relate to this poem.. I us to not care and let guy take my body.. buy I have move on and realize all those guys didn't care about me they only wanted to something for that mintue...
Tell youre homo son to wait till marriage or he will be rotting in hell soon. Even though he is rich for making over 1000 porno's. Sex isn't everythiing
....i just went thru same exact thing, reading this brought back old memories that i wish i didnt have, but it also made me smarter in a way
powerful, and i hope your friend kicks his ass, for him treating her like that
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