All His Dream Remain To Gruard

Poem By Mary Wismer

There was something in his eyes
Just the way he cannot hide,
Vivid sparks that caught the light,
Just amused about the whys.

There was something in his voice
Just the rage he used to show,
Deeper bitterness below,
Just the way he left no choice.

There was something in his walked
Just the way he cannot humble
Confident he would not stumble,
Just the fact that he cared not.

There was something in his heart
Just the silence he cannot stand
But a restless searching and
All his dreams remained to guard.

7 January 2008

Comments about All His Dream Remain To Gruard

Yet there is some thing in the poem that one can not hide the depth of his glaze yet he sparks with light as with delight...................superb writing, i like it, and offer 10+, thanks for sharing
Exceptionally brilliant, dear Mary - feel like seeing a bit of me in the mirror of your words - captures the intensity so beautifully well! Thanks a great deal!
very beautiful fine write, metaphor.
beautiful flow of words my sweetie it Mahal kita, Meggie
Very nice poem. Best wishes at kmusta na ang kalagayan mo. Sana lagi kang masaya at safe. love lots, melvin

3,7 out of 5
7 total ratings

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