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All Hope
BS (4-3-55 / )

All Hope

All hope lies in tomorrow
Betrayed by yesterday
For every new horizon
There is a price to pay
The piper plays his tune
Holds out a hand for gilt
The memory cries a river
The wrong side of spilt milk

All hope lies in tomorrow
Forgetting yesterday
All hope is stored in thoughts
Arranged to form a play
There’s laughter and there’s intrigue
There’s sadness and there’s pain
Yet by the final act
Laughter rules again

All hope lies in tomorrow
Aphrodite by my side
To walk a brave new world
Athena as my guide
All hope lies in tomorrow
Under Helios’s light
To trust tomorrow to Themis
Her justice and her right

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Comments (7)

hope bit never the last
A very beautiful poem💗
This is a great poem Bill, there is lyric, there is poetry, there is philosophy and education! - Raj Nandy New Delhi
Well constructed. You Brits have the advantage over us. You use classic metaphors the way you breathe. We don't have any of that.
top-notch structure and form, Bill, but more impressive is the great flow, elevated subject and classic references. wonderful work. -Tailor B.
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