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All I Am And All I Can Be
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All I Am And All I Can Be

All I am and all I can be
First and foremost, myself
In addition, I can be…
An artist, of many creations
A scientist, a discoverer, experimenter
A psychologist, of you and me, taking the time to understand
An astronomer, lots to learn from up above
An archeologist, a finder
A historian, for it repeats
A librarian, there’s knowledge to be gained in those books
A mathematician, numbers are everywhere
A poet, artist of words
A painter, a colorful choice
A naturalist, nothing like the mountains, forests, and lakes
A traveler, lots to see and do
A philosopher, lots to think about
A humorist, laughter is the best medicine of all
A musician, do I dare pick up a guitar
A romantic, how sweet
A friend, the best kind
A speaker, got a lot to say
A performer, revealing in the spot light
A supporter, of many causes
A fighter, standing up for what I believe
An athlete, champion of many events
A leader, follow me
A helper, everyone needs someone
A loner, an independent thinker
A wife, loving partner for life
A lover, so caring and honest, of many things
A mother, giving all I got, sharing all I know
An introspector, there’s a lot on the inside
An extrospector, there’s a lot to be learned from the outside
A writer, many stories to share
A nonconformist, the group’s not always right
A student, on a quest for knowledge, inner and outer
An individual, different from the rest, unique
An enigma, complex and mysterious
A child, wide eyed, in awe of the world around me, playful
A teacher, a lot to learn from me
A journeyer, through myself and my life
An optimist, positive thinking goes a long way
A writer, many stories to tell
A thinker, philosophical and deep
A believer, in myself, God, and more
A creator, using my God given talents
A dreamer, of all I can be and more

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Comments (2)

you have to be crazy to think this is a good poem
Beautifull! Really! You have outdone yourself Chanda!