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All I Ask For

All I wish for is an equal World where everyone prosper and thrive
Where people don't die of malnutrition or have to struggle to survive
The wealthy just keep getting wealthier the majority of the World's wealth controlled by the few
That all are created equal in God's eyes I never did believe was true.

I feel God by wealthy people was manufactured for to give the poor battlers hope
A God they can turn to when in trouble when they find it so hard to cope
With the stress of day to day living when the young mother finds her food cupboard bare
Without food for to feed her children for help to her God she offers a prayer.

But of course her God does not heed her and a miracle for her he does not perform
Her prayers on deaf ears they have fallen like shouting for help in a storm
Her husband with another woman and she and her two young children for food have to wait
Until after 9 a m tomorrow when she receives her pittance from the State.

All I wish for is a more equal World but such I will not live for to see
The wealthy they just keep getting wealthier in a World of so much poverty
And God for the poor is a last hope yet when to him for help they pray
He does not come to their assistance or give them help in any way.

by Francis Duggan

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