All I Can Do To Wait.

i stand
and i stare
with glass between my teeth,
exhaling clouds into the air.
and i cannot write
what my hands do not tell me.
and i cannot say
what my mind refuses to share.
between my lips and brain
there lies an empty space
where words diligently hang
like loose threads or frayed ends.
and with a click of my tongue
i expect them to be gone,
but on every searing sigh
are words that are not really mine.
they bubble around in my mind
and start to boil over
until there is a lack of space
for each and every one to stay
and they all begin to foam out
through my eyes and ears and mouth
and the people that stand around me
can barely see anything
through the thickening shroud of memory.

by Alison Rosalie

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now this is my kind of writing! ! ..great! ! thank you for this! !