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All I Can Ever Be
CJS (June 06,19** / Zamboanga)

All I Can Ever Be

Poem By Cheneth Jane San Diego

Given all those demand

I still try to understand

Coz I’ll forever be holding your hand

And be with you where ever you stand

But hope you know this is me

And this is all I can ever be

Please don’t ask me to be somebody

Somebody you see in others body

I often wonder

If we’ll always be together

Though I always doubt

What your love all about

Though you made it clear

That you’ll always be here

But I can’t help but fear

That we won’t survive this for a year

I admit I’m a bit of a paranoid

It’s a feeling I can’t avoid

Believe me, it’s a feeling I’ve trying to destroy

For I know, it’s the only way to total joy

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