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All I’d Leave Behind ((2))
YF ( / New Rochelle)

All I’d Leave Behind ((2))

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

The busiest intersection
That I’ve crossed too many times
The deli across the street I know like the back of my hand
I can find anything better than any employee
Except one:
The owner
Our conversations are always the same
“Coffee aint good for you” he says
“Neither is smoking” I say, like I always do
He laughs like always making a small remark about the weather
“That’s three dollars”
As I spend more time than I need on finding cash
I think back to all our conversations
For the first time realizing they have all been so similar
I pay and say goodbye
He hands me my change
Which out of habit more then generosity
I dropp in the charity can
I start walking out
But he catches up with me and grabs my hand
For the first time I notice how old he’s gotten
“You will stick around right? You know everyone will miss you around here
And I’m not sure the day would be as bright without your jokes”
I laugh and am hit with the fact that I have never actually touched him
But I have known him for all my life
“Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere
Besides Where else will I get coffee so cheap? ”
He laughs and nods more of approval then agreement
As I walk out
I feel comfort in the familiar noise of the bells attached to the door
Of all the things in my town combined
The people is what I would die to leave behind

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