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All I’d Leave Behind
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All I’d Leave Behind

Poem By Yaritza Florencio

As I walk the streets I know so well
And up the steps of a church I rightfully call mine
I see the friendly face of someone who knows too much
Yet does not say it and is not imposing
Yet commands attention
As we speak in “outdoor conversation” that includes
How are you? Beautiful weather this week and did you go to the service this morning?
My mind though, drifts off to when I first met her………….
(I did not ask her name at first, as so happens sometimes
When there are more interesting things to ask,
When did you take your vows was my first question. She answered
Quickly almost as though the date and place where etched in her mind
But all I really remember is “I was sixteen”
My next question was expected because it seemed
As though she had the answer ready
Why did you do it?
And her answer without me understanding at the moment
Became inspirational
Made me see what religion could do
She said “I joined the convent because I wanted to be happy,
And I still am”)
Our “outside conversation” ends
I say goodbye and so does she
But for the first time she speaks in another way
“Keep coming by here sweetheart, we will miss you if your gone”
I don’t say anything
But it’s understood that I would never go anywhere
Because a better home I could not find
Of the things that {if} I left,
I would Leave behind……………………

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Comments (3)

This is incredible writing. Keep on writing. This is incredible poetry!
nice potrayal of one self's feelings...........
pretty good. is it true? i gave it an 8, true or not it was good.