All I Do Is Thinking Of You

All I do is thinking of you
Thinking of ways to get you
Thinking of your wonderful smile
Your jokes that make me laugh
I just want you to notice me
And not think of me as just a friend
I know I love yes I do
It's not just a crash no its not
All the little things I do
I do them for you
I know I blush when you are around
I can't helped because I tried before
One look into your eyes makes me fly
Hearing your voice makes me high
You are my medicine when am sick
You are my strength when am weak
I just want you to know that I love you
&I wish if there were away for me to tell you I do

by aliyah aliyah

Comments (2)

i absolutely love your poems coz u write about what im going through!
this poem reminds me aot like me. i like it....