RB (12/06/1991 / Cornwall)

All I Ever Did Was Love You!

Every time I look at you,
You don’t seem to care how u make me feel inside,
My heart feels like its being pulled and twisted around hurting so much I just want to cry,
Just left in pain,
Looking for some one how cares,
Holding on to something that isn’t there,
I just long for some one to care,
Making some sort of sense of this world,
Just hoping you will come back and hold me close,

I long for the caring and understanding we once had,
Looking for you to pull me away form this pain,
Letting you go was the worst things I have done,
Looking back at what we had,
Blaming myself for how I feel,
I know its you, who is to blame,

Hoping and dreaming I will have you back,
Knowing you don’t love me I look at the past,
Using quick fixes to make the pain feel less,
Felling unsure of you anymore.

I am just hoping you will take me back,
Let her go please I just want you here with me,
I know I should be supporting you but please its hard knowing you,
Love her…
Hoping I will get you back,

This pain will last a life time,
You where my antidote that got me by,
I really am sorry for loving you the way I do
Please realise that you love me to.

I never meant to be so open,
All I ever did was love you.

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