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All I Have To Do
FN (So long ago as to render me an adult but not longh enough to be elderly. / in Richmond Yorkshire)

All I Have To Do

Poem By Fox Nekitsune

On my own
No company to keep
I am alone
My only friend is sleep

Hidden by ignorance
Not wanted
Unable to advance
Just wanting

Silence is my comfort
I am frozen
I am of no import
Never chosen

I labour for naught
I suffer a little death
For this I have fought
My name is Bethan

Now he comes to me
Shines his light
Now he makes me free
Gives me a new fight

I open my new eyes
This new world is bright
Broken are my old ties
Now I am filled with light

An immortal world
All I have to do is fill
An eternal girl
All I have to do is kill

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Comments (4)

i hope youll be oaky.. ;) aim high!
Very heavy. It reminds me of the movie Wanted with Angelina Jolie.
i like it, and i feel what your writing
oooh! ! ! Tough talk huh? lol I guess what you are saying is another love has come along just in time. They always do ya know? We always get what we most need in life, even if we don't realise we need it. It helps to Kill the old pain, I agree. All the best Tai 9 from me.