DB (20.02.1988 / Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK)

All I Know Is I Hate It

If this is a game of hide and seek,
I’m over here.
If this is a fairground ride,
I want to get off.
If this is a horror movie,
I’m struck with fear.
If this is a play,
I want my money back.
If this is a TV program,
I’m turning over.
If this is a punishment,
I’d have preferred a smack.
If this is a nightmare,
I want it to stop.
If this is a game,
I don’t want to play.
If this is a bubble,
I want it to pop.
If this is a story,
I’m turning the page.
If this is a fight,
I’m turning away.
If this is a kidnap,
I’m trapped in the cage.
If this is a silly attempt to upset me,
Take a bow.
If this is a life,
End it now.

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Comments (7)

This one is absolutely great, you expressed the vileness of life with such strength and directness. Amazingly you expressed how I feel better than I do. Take care, Mary xxx
I'm impressed. Your use of example of situations that bother you really help to bring this poem to life. Good job! ~Linley~
Awesome write, Dan! We all feel this way from time to time... but you have found all the perfect words. You have explained it so well.
dear life this ones heavy, but true. i know a few people who feel like this. how do you find the right words to express feelings? i can never do it right.xxx
there is a bold truth in it... no scratch that.... this is truth i love it hmm what were you thinking when you wrote it
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