AMM (May 21,1988 / Ypsilanti Michigan)

All I Need.

dead life
dead heart
dead love
dead past

new realization
new breath
new eyes
new devotion

God is present
God is strength
God is agape
God is all

He is the beggar
He is the sinner
He is the lover
He is the child
He is the hunger
He is the peace
He is the medicine
He is the remedy
He is the color
He is the blindness
He is the health of hope
He is the song of the lovebirds
He is the book you want to read
He is the glue that holds us together
He is the rope that ties an everlasting bond
He is our God, He is in everyone and everything
He works through everyone and everything...

and so much more.

you ask, and you'll receive.
He will not deny your need.
He will not walk away from you
and distance you from Him, as others
may here on earth.

He is holy.
He is mighty.
He is righteous.

He is love.
He is all I need.

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