MMB (08/02/1997 / Nyiräny, Rumbek)

All I Need Is You


"My dear, my adorable one
The queen of my heart
The future leader and teacher of my children
My personal Doctor.

Before I knew you
I knew that one day, I would get the queen of my heart
I knew that you would be there for me in the future of today
My heart knew it and it has come true today.

I love you like that
I don't care whether you are short or tall
Whether YOU are fat or slim
I don't care whether you are brown skin or dark
Nor do i care Whether YOU are aged or not
Neither do i care about your illiteracy

I don't care whether your parents are rich or poor
Whether they are my tribesmen or not
I don't even care about your religion nor do I care about your culture.

I just choose to love
The way you are is more Than all
Your characters are enough
The life style you have is all I have been dreaming of,
Your social education is more Than all.

YOU are lovable, you deserve to be love
By someone like me without doubts.
It's God who planned it
My dear, my adorable one
All I need is you.
I want to die with you, you and I can make one body
Accept me the way I am
And I will be the happiest person in the World
I will die celebrating.
All I need is you".

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Comments (4)

A refined poetic imagination, Kato. You may like to read my poem, Love And Lust. Thank you.
😂😂😂😂 Who do you want
A nice love poem, the dream painted in it is colorful.
I just choose to love Love reading your poem...the purest of the pure...the greatest of them all...LOVE! ♡ Thanks for sharing, would also visit my Rapid Eye Movement. A big 10! Cheryl