All I Need Is...

You’ve lost the beauty that lies in between your mistakes
Lost that light called the perfection of day
You’ve been looking for something to fill that void in your heart
Lost what made you feel complete
Just give me some time…
All I need is a little time
Looking into the casket only to have it closed in your face
The closing opened your eyes to the freedom you betrayed
Holding onto flowers that died
Thorns from the roses make your palms bleed
Please keep telling yourself the loss is alright
I’m sitting wondering whatever happened to those memories
I bring them up you say you forgot
You tell me you want so much more…
I’m crying this is all I can give
Pieces of my broken heart … I was hoping you would mend
Just give me some more time….
All I need is your time…
I’ll be that one forgotten woman you loved with all your heart
But, my beauty wasn’t enough because you forgot…
My laugh wasn’t beautiful enough
My smile was a fading light because you left me
All I need was some more time
But, you couldn’t give me your time…

by victoria martinez

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I hope that you remind yourself daily that you should matter more to yourself. Don't let your self evaluation depend on whata someone else thinks. Your're a very strong gal, Victoria. Keep writing. Linda