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*all I Need To Practise!
SNV (31st July 1941 / Karaikkudi - Tamilnadu- India)

*all I Need To Practise!

Poem By Subbaraman N V

I know no God
no religion
no philosophy!

I know no Bible
no Quoran
no Dhammapada
no Mahabharatha
no Ramayana!

I follow and practise
Help ever, hurt never
Love all, Serve all
Be kind, be friendly!

That is all what I know and
That is all I need to practise!

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Comments (40)

There is no better theism than this. Kudos.
If no humanity, then what is the use of............
Beautiful and Inspirational poem...Great thoughts.. Loved reading it.
We, Indians are secular people. but we have to upkeep our religion, Hinduism and we should not let our people fall prey to the foreign religions..I can understand the true meaning behind this poem. well written!
You have summed up the contents of all the religious texts of the world in such a nice nutshell here. Reading this and living by it in letter and spirit is much better than reading any holy text. A 10+ absolutely for this.