EC (07-18-1989 / Arkansas)


do you know
how slowly, terribly
deliciously you kill?

my sheets reflect a torrent,
a torment of moments
gone by unclean.

like the house i can't clean
and the bruise that won't fade
these memories of you & i
pace my days.

by Faith Addicott

Comments (3)

This is really touching. I feel you all the way, I know what that feels like. It's horrible, ain't it? I like how you write because you're direct and clear. Really like this one.
I feel alive but sometimes I wish I was dead There's Problems no one will ever understand I feel alone and invisible yes dont we all feel this way at times. I feel this way a lot. I so get you. *Purkey Girl*
Can't you see I need a shoulder I need someone to talk to?