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~* All I'Ve Got..

Footsteps in the sand.. I'm leaving it behind..
seeing you in my future,
I know this is right..
when I'll be holding you close..
I know I will feel a sense of security..
knowing that you are mines..

I wanna get to know you.. into your heart and soul..
Baby, how else am I suppose to say this?
I want you.. I want all of you..
heart and person..
I wanna be kissing those lips at night..
holding you close as if theres no tomorrow..
bein there for you through all tough times..
Spoil you silly.. make that smile appear night and day..

Life could end at any moment..
so with my remaining time...
I will love, and appreciate all that we have..

Honey.. I Promise to get you a happy meal everyday..
Supersize ya..
Walk along the beach.. hand in hand.. living life as if its the last day with you..
I'll do whatever it takes.. for that beautiful smile to appear on your pretty-ful face..
and give all that I've got to ya..

I havent been giving my all..
so here it is babe...

My heart at your door..
key and all..
soul along..
my heart open.. and loving..
trusting.. and never forgetting..
all that we have..

Here I am.. standing.. with all in front.. giving you my love all that I've got..

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Only one word for this... WOW! ! !