TH (5-24-83 / MO)

All I Want

she knows just how to tease
but never does she please
i gave up thinking she cared
the thoughts i can not bear
gave up things i use to do
did it for you
so why couldnt you?
maybe there is no we
you cant even say you like me
is it so hard to say?
thought you wanted me to come
but instead you run
lead me on
how come?
did nothing go right?
something fall out of sight?
built myself up for a big fall
no walking tall
you want me to crawl
maybe im expecting to much
i should just hush
to ask you to say i care
is way over the line
those arnt your words
their mine
had a shitty day
and all i want is to hear your voice
to make the pain go away
you made me happy
took out all the thoughts of being alone
something i couldnt do on my own
when such a amazing women as yourself
looks at me
makes me want to become the better man inside me
fixing the broken man
feeling as tho i can

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i loved this poem your girlfriend reminds me of my boyfriend, my god how i envy her